F.I.Field NameTypeDescription
B000Manufacturer NameTextName by which the Company is Branded
B001Product NameTextProduct Name
B002Model NumberAlphanumericModel Number
B003Product Data SheetText,URLProduct Data Sheet- Specifications
B004Date of ManufactureDateDate of Manufacture
B005Product Serial NumberAlphanumericSerial Number
B0FAProduct ColorTextColor Of Product
C01ERoHSTextRoHs Compliance
C01FWEEETextWEEE Compliance
C020FCC Certification LevelTextFCC Certification Level
C021FDA Certification LevelTextFDA Certification Level
C022CE CertificationTextCE Certification
C026EPEAT LevelTextEPEAT Level
C027Energy Star RatingTextEnergy Star Rating
C028Energy Consumption (CEA R7.8)Text,DimensionCEA Energy Consumption Data
C04FImage of Certification StickerURLLink to Image of Certification Sticker
C06BProduct CertificationsAlphanumeric,URLListing Of Certifications
D051Diagnostic EventText,DateDate, List Of Error Codes, Disposition And Facility
D052Manufacturers Master Repair ReURLAggregation Of Repair Events, More Detail
D053Diagnostic SiteText,URLIdentification of Diagnostic Site
D054Repair SiteTextIdentification of Repair Site
D058Date of ReturnDateDate Repaired Product Returned or Disposed
D059DispositionTextDisposition of Returned Item
D05ACount of EventsNumericTotal Number of Return Events
D05FRepair NotesTextDetails on Repair Event. Supplement
D073Reason for ReturnsTextReason(s) for Product Return
D074Location of ReturnTextRepair depot or store ID
D0B1Product ConditionTextVisual Inspection
D0B2Missing PartsTextList Of Missing Parts
D0B3Product DestinationTextLogistics Destination Of Product
D0B4Disposition ActionTextInstructions For Destination Facility
D0B9Reason for Channel Partner RetTextReason For Channel Partner Return
D0BBDiagnostic ToolURLPoints To Tool Used
D0C5Intallation ConfigurationTextWiring Configuration At Installation
D111Product ConditionTextDescription of product condition at time of return
D112Missing PartsTextWhat parts were missing, if any
D113Product DestinationTextWhere product was sent after return
D114Disposition ActionTextRecycled, scrapped, etc.
D11BDiagnostic ToolText,URLWhat tool(s) were used to diagnose the product condition
D143Software Self Check StatusText
E050Computer Industry Error Codes Text,URLLink To Definitions Of Error Codes For Computers
E05BPrinter Industry Error CodesAlphanumeric,URLPrinter Industry Generic Error Codes
E05CInternet of Things Error CodesAlphanumeric,URLError Codes For Internet of Things
E094Proprietary Error CodesAlphanumeric,URLError codes specific to this manufacturer
E095Telecom Industry Error CodesAlphanumericCode For Failure, e,g, SC Connector, frame relay
E096Frame Relay FailureAlphanumericCode For Failure
F061IngredientsText,URLFood Industry Field To Include Recipe(s) For Products
F062GMOs: Does this product contaiBooleanFood Industry Field to Declare Presence of GMOs
F063Allergins: contain known alergBooleanFood Industry Field for Consumers Re: Allergins
F064Recipes:URLFood Industry Field to Link for Recipes
F072Nutritional ValuesTextFood Label Content
F09AInactive Ingredients Text,URLList Of Inactive Ingredients
F09BActive IngredientsText,URLList Of Active Ingredients
F09CAlcohol contentNumeric% Alcohol (by Volume)
F09DBeer bitternessNumericBitterness Rating, (IBU) International Bitterness
F09EHeat ScaleNumericScoville Units
F09FServing sizeNumericPackaged Foods Serving Size
F0A2Servings per packageNumericPackaged Foods: Serviings Per Package
F0A3Vegetarian?BooleanVegetarian Producrt?
F0A4VeganBooleanFood Product: Vegan?
F0A5Kosher?BooleanFood Product: Kosher
F0A6Cage-Free?BooleanAnimal Product: Cage Free?
F0A7Free-range?BooleanAnimal Product: Free-range?
F0A8Contains rbGHBooleanAnimal Product: Contains RbGH?
F0A9Certified Organic?BooleanProduct: Certified Organic?
F0AAHallal?BooleanProduct: Certified Hallal?
F0ABGluten Free?BooleanProudct: Gluten Free?
F0ACContains nut products?BooleanProduct: Product Contains Nut Products?
F0ADCalories per servingNumericCalories Per Food Serving Portion
F0BCSell By DateDateLast Date To Be Sold
F0BDUse ByDateLast Date Product Should Be Used
G029UPC CodeAlphanumericUPC Code
G02AGTIN Trade Item NumberNumericGTIN Trade Item Number
G02BGTIN-8 Trade Item NumberNumericGTIN-8 Trade Item Number
G02CGTIN-12 Trade Item NumberNumericGTIN-12 Trade Item Number
G02DGTIN-13 Trade Item NumberNumericGTIN-13 Trade Item Number
G02EGTIN-14 Trade Item NumberNumericGTIN-14 Trade Item Number
G02FGLN Global Location NumberNumericGLN Global Location Number
G030GSCC Logistics UnitsNumericGSCC Logistics Units
G031GSIN Grouping Of Logistics UniNumericGSIN Grouping Of Logistics Units
G032GINC Grouping Of Logistic UnitNumericGINC Grouping Of Logistic Units
G033GIAI Individual AssetsNumericGIAI Individual Assets
G034GRAI Returnable AssetsNumericGRAI Returnable Assets
G035GSRN Service RelationshipsNumericGSRN Service Relationships
G036GDTI Document TypesNumericGDTI Document Types
G037GCN CouponsNumericGCN Coupons
G038GPID Component And PartsNumericGPID Component And Parts
G075MSDS IdentificationTextMSDS Data Sheet
G076MSDS Hazard(s) IdentificationTextMSDS Data Sheet
G077MSDS Composition/Information oTextMSDS Data Sheet
G078MSDS First-Aid MeasuresTextMSDS Data Sheet
G079MSDS Fire-Fighting MeasuresTextMSDS Data Sheet
G07AMSDS Accidental Release MeasurTextMSDS Data Sheet
G07BMSDS Handling And StorageTextMSDS Data Sheet
G07CMSDS Exposure Control/ PersonaTextMSDS Data Sheet
G07DMSDS Physical And Chemical ProTextMSDS Data Sheet
G07EMSDS Stability And ReactivityTextMSDS Data Sheet
G07FMSDS Toxicological InformationTextMSDS Data Sheet
G080MSDS Ecological InformationTextMSDS Data Sheet
G081MSDS Disposal ConsiderationsTextMSDS Data Sheet
G082MSDS Transport InformationTextMSDS Data Sheet
G083MSDS Regulatory InformationTextMSDS Data Sheet
G084MSDS Other InformationTextMSDS Data Sheet
G090CLEI CODEAlphanumericAs Assigned
G0C6UPU 510NumericWorldwide Unique Parcel Identifier
G0C7GS1 SSCCNumericWorldwide Unique Parcel Identifier
I018Printer CartridgeTextPrinter Cartridge Type
I03ARefurbished Product Serial NumAlphanumericRefurbished Product Serial Number
I03BRefurbished Stored Original SeAlphanumericStored Original Serial Number
I055Refurbished WarrantyURLRefurbished Warranty Terms
I056Refurbished Product RegistratiURLLink To Register Product
I05DRemote Control ModelAlphanumericRemote Control Model TV's Etc.
I05ERemote Control DecodingURLLink To Remote Control Decoding Schema
I072Nutritional ValuesTextFood Label Content
I0AEISBNAlphanumericInternational Standard Book Number
I0C2Auto Service MileageNumericMileage Recorded At Last Service
I0C3Auto Services PerformedTextListing Of Services Performed
I0C8Disaster Agency ProprietaryTextFor Disaster ID Cards
I0C9Disaster Agency ProprietaryTextFor Disaster ID Cards
I0CADisaster Agency ProprietaryTextFor Disaster ID Cards
I0CBDisaster Agency ProprietaryTextFor Disaster ID Cards
I0CCDisaster Agency ProprietaryTextFor Disaster ID Cards
I0F1Utility: Pole HeightNumericHeight Of Utility Pole
I0F2Utility:Pole: Type Of MaterialTextDescrption Of Pole Composition
I0F3Utility:Pole: Year InstalledNumericUtility Pole Installation Date
I0F4Utility Pole Life ExpectancyDateExpected Date Of Decommission
I0F5Utility:Route/Line #AlphanumericUtility Pole Identifiers
I0F6Utility Pole Switch #AlphanumericID Of Switch Connected To Utiloity Pole
I0F7Utility:Pole InventoryAlphanumericList Of Modules Installed On Utility Pole
I0F8Communications: IMEIAlphanumericID Code Used In Cellular Phone Systems
I0F9POS: Restriction FieldAlphanumericCode Used By POS Systems To ID Products
I141SW: Build DateDateComputer Software Built On Date
I142SWL Version StatusTextComputer Software Version Status
I144Repair- OEMTextComputer SMBIOS Manufacturer
I145Repair-ProductNameTextComputer SMBIOS Product Name
I146Repair-VersionAlphanumericComputer SMBIOS Version
I147Repair-SerialNumberAlphanumericComputer SMBIOS Serial Number
I148Repair-UUIDAlphanumericComputer SMBIOS UUID
I149Repair-WakeupTypeAlphanumericComputer SMBIOS Wakeup Type
I14ARepair-SKUNumberAlphanumericComputer SMBIOS SKU Number
I14BRepair-FamilyTextComputer SMBIOS Family
I17EDiskIDAlphanumericComputer Disk ID
I180DiskTypeTextComputer Disk Type
I181Disk-HPABooleanComputer Is HPA present on Disk?
I182Disk DCOBooleanComputer Is DCO present on Disk?
I183Disk ManufacturerTextComputer Disk Manufacturer
I184Disk ModelAlphanumericComputer Disk Model
I185DiskSizeAlphanumericComputer Disk Size
I186Disk NominalDiskSizeAlphanumericComputer Nominal Disk Size
I187Disk NumberOfSectorsNumericComputer Number Of Sectors on Disk
I188Disk SectorSizeAlphanumericComputer Sector Size on Disk
I189Disk SerialNumberAlphanumericComputer Disk Serial Number
I18ADisk WWNTextComputer Disk WWN
I18BDisk InterfaceTextComputer Interface used by Disk
I18CTotal Host Writes before ErasuAlphanumericComputer Total Host Writes before Erasure
I18DPower On Count before ErasureNumericComputer Power On Count before Erasure
I18EPower On Hours before ErasureAlphanumericComputer Power On Hours before Erasure
I18FBad Blocks before ErasureAlphanumericComputer Bad Blocks before Erasure
I190Disk Health Status before ErasTextComputer Disk Health Status before Erasure
I191Total Host Writes after ErasurAlphanumericComputer Total Host Writes after Erasure
I192Power On Count after ErasureNumericComputer Power On Count after Erasure
I193Power On Hours after ErasureAlphanumericComputer Power On Hours after Erasure
I194Bad Blocks after ErasureAlphanumericComputer Bad Blocks after Erasure
I195Disk Health Status after ErasuTextComputer Disk Health Status after Erasure
I196Is Finger Print written to DisBooleanComputer Is Finger Print written to Disk?
I197Erasure Pass NumberNumericComputer Erasure Pass Number
I198Erasure Pass NameTextComputerErasure Pass Name
I199Erasure Pass StatusTextComputer Erasure Pass Status
I19ADisk Erasure Start TimeTimeComputer Disk Erasure Start Time
I19BDisk Erasure End TimeTimeComputer Disk Erasure End Time
I19CErasure DurationNumericComputerErasure Duration
I19DErasure StatusTextComputer Erasure Status
I19EDisk-erase-TotalDisks ErasedNumericComputer Total no. of Disks Present
I19FDisk-erase-NonErasableDisksNumericComputer No. of Non-erasable Disks
I1A0Disk-erase-ErasuresSucceededNumericComputer No. of Erasures Completed Successfully
I1A1Disk-erase-ErasuresCancelledNumericComputer No. of Erasures Cancelled
I1A2Disk-erase-ErasuresFailedNumericComputer No. of Erasures Failed
I1A3Processor:DeviceIDAlphanumericComputer Processor Device ID
I1A4Processor:TypeTextComputer Processor Type
I1A5ProcessorIDAlphanumericComputer Processor ID
I1A6Processor:CaptionTextComputer Processor Caption
I1A7Processor:NameTextComputer Processor Name
I1A8Processor:CoresAlphanumericComputer Processor Cores
I1A9Processor:SteppingAlphanumericComputer Processor Stepping
I1AASW:BIOSManufacturerTextComputer BIOS Manufacturer
I1ABSW: BIOSVersionAlphanumericComputer BIOS Version
I1ACSW: BIOSReleaseDateDateComputer BIOS Release Date
I1ADSW:OSVersionAlphanumericComputer OS Version
I1AESW:ServicePackAlphanumericComputer OS Service Pack
I1AFSW:OS Bit sizeBooleanComputerIs OS 64 Bit?
I1B0SW: UEFI Enabled?BooleanComputer Is UEFI Enabled?
I1B1ErasureOperatorNameTextComputer Erasure Operator Name
I1B2ErasureSupervisorNameTextComputer Erasure Supervisor Name
I1B3Digital: Memory sizeAlphanumericComputer Installed Memory
I1B4Digital: StorageController TextComputer Storage Controller Informtion
K0FDOBADA:Blockchain APIAlphanumeric,URLOBADA:Blockchain API
K0FEOBADA: Registrar APIAlphanumeric,URLOBADA: Registrar API
K0FFOBADA:Client APIAlphanumeric,URLOBADA:Client API
K100OBADA:Metadata AAPIAlphanumeric,URLOBADA:Metadata AAPI
K101OBADA: Blockchain #Alphanumeric,URLOBADA: Blockchain #
K102OBADA:Blockchain User IDAlphanumeric,URLOBADA:Blockchain User ID
K103OBADA:Blockchain SignatureAlphanumeric,URLOBADA:Blockchain Signature
K104OBADA:Metadata URLAlphanumeric,URLOBADA:Metadata URL
M006Product ConfigurationTextConfiguration of Product Options as Shipped
M019Manufacturer ProprietaryTextExample: Place of Manufacturer
M01AManufacturer ProprietaryTextExample: Cost of Goods
M01BManufacturer ProprietaryTextExample: Country of Destination
M01CManufacturer ProprietaryTextExample: Supplier
M01DManufacturer ProprietaryTextExample: Channel Destination
M023Product UID for RFIDAlphanumericRFID Identification
M024UID Validation (for RFID)URLRFID Validation
M048Top Assembly FormURLPacking Contents
M049Items for ReturnURLList of Required Return Items
M04AProduct ImageURLProduct Image
M057Manufacturer Legal NameTextAlternative Name to FI000
M060Recall StatusURLLink to Recall Notices from Manufacturer
M06CMAC AddressTextMedia Access Control Address
M06DProduct CodeAlphanumericManufacturer's Unique Product Code
M06EPackaging IDAlphanumericManufacturer's Unique Packing Identifier
M06FEAN NumberAlphanumericInternational Article Number
M070Batch #AlphanumericManufavturer's Unique Batch Control Identifier
M071Version #AlphanumericManufacturer's Unique Version Control Number
M073Reason for ReturnsAlphanumericCodes for Product Returns
M074Location of ReturnTextPlace (by Name or Code) where Product was Returned
M085IoT AddressAlphanumericAddressable ID for Internet of Things Device
M086IoT Related URLURLWeb Location for Information About Internet of Things Device
M090CLEI CODEAlphanumericAs Assigned
M091Globally Unique Serial Number:AlphanumericE.g. UPC
M092Receipt DateDateUS Dating Format
M093International Dating FormatDateAlternative Dating Format
M094Error CodeTextProprietary Error Code: duplicate name from D094
M095SC Connector FailureTextCode for Failure
M096Frame Relay FailureTextCode for Failure
M097Time StampTime24 Hour Clock
M0AFPlant #AlphanumericInternal Manufacturing Plant ID
M0B0Production Line #AlphanumericInternal ID - Produiction Line
M0EBWES Boot-strappingAlphanumericData For OCF On-boarding
M0EDPublic KeyAlphanumericPublic Key For Product Validation
M17FDisk Storage ControllerTextID of disk storage controller
M180Manufacturer Usage DescriptionTextA component-based architecture for Manufacturer Usage Descriptions (MUDs). See RFC8520.
P00EPre-Sales SupportURL,Phone,ChatClick Here To Chat With Pre-sales Support
P00FManufacturer's Web SiteURLManufacturers Web Site
P010AccessoriesURLAccessories Products and Options
P065Tag LineTextBrief description of the company's business area
P066Product Coupons or PromotionsURLLink to Promotional Website
P067Product BrochureURLLink To Full Product Brochure
P068Product Marketing VideoURLLink To Product Promotional Video
P069Product RequirementsText,URLMinimum Product Requirements
P06ACompatible ProductsText,URLListing Of Compatible Products
R011Hazardous Materials? (ConsumerBooleanThis Product Contains/does not Contain Hazardous Materials
R012User Data?BooleanDoes this Device Contains User Data?
R013Disposal/Recycling InstructionText,URLHow To Recycle
R014Flammable?BooleanIs this Product Flammable?
R015Types of PlasticTextList of Plastics
R016Types of MetalsTextList of Metals Used in Product
R025Earth911Text,URLRecycling Information
R0B5Schedule Pick UpURLRecycling Pick Up Link
R0B7UN Hazardous Materials IDNumericUN Committee On Exports
S039Ideal Storage Temp RangeDimension,Numeric_RangeHighest And Lowest Storage Temperatures
S03CSchedule BTextExport Classifications: Harmonized System
S03DHTSTextImport Classifications Harmonized Tariff Schedule
S03ENMFCTextType Of Product Shipped By LTL Carrier
S03FDangerous ProductsTextList Of Dangerous Products
S040ECCNTextExport Control Classification Number
S041HazmatTextClasses Of Hazardous Materials
S042Country of OriginTextCountry Code Of Origin
S043Sub-assembly OriginsTextCountry Code Of Origin For Subassemblies
S044Country of ManufacturerTextCountry Of Manufacture
S045ValueCurrencyValue For Customs
S046CurrencyAlphanumericCurrency Used In Value Field 44
S047NAPCSAlphanumericNorth American Product Classification System
S04BMax. Stack HeightNumeric,DimensionMaximum Height Of Carton Stacks
S04CClamp Truckable?BooleanCan Stacks Be Clamped To Move?
S04DExpiration DateDateExpiration Date
S04ELot CodeTextManufacturers Lot Code
S087Weight of PackageDimensionWeight Of Individual Package
S088Weight Of CartonDimensionWeight On Shipping Carton
S089Weight of PalletDimensionWeight Of Pallet
S08AWeight of ContainerDimensionWeight Of Shipping Container
S08BWeight of ContentsDimensionWeight Of Package Contents
S0B6GHS Classification (Global HarAlphanumericPhysical, Health And Environmental Hazards
S0B8Controlled SubstanceAlphanumericDrugs, Explosures, Weapons. May Or Nort Be Hazard
SZ12TYPE OF MOVEAlphanumeric
SZ13MARKS & NUMBERSAlphanumeric
SZ14NUM OF PKGSAlphanumeric
SZ16GROSS WEIGHTAlphanumeric
SZ21CONTAINER NO.Alphanumeric
SZ22 SEAL NOAlphanumeric
SZ27NO. OF ORIGINAL B(s)/L Alphanumeric
SZ28BiTA Shipment IDAlphanumeric
U007Product SupportURL,Phone,ChatClick Here For Product Support
U008Product DocumentationURLClick Here For Product Documentation
U009Phone Product SupportPhone,ChatClick Here To Dial Customer Support
U017Types of BatteriesTextType Of Batteries
U085IoT AddressAlphanumericAddressable ID For Internet Of Things Device
U086IoT Related URLURLWeb Location For Information About Internet Of Thi
U08CDimensions of PackageDimensionDimensions Of A Single Packaged Product
U08DDimensions of ProductDimensionDimensions Of Product Without Packaging
U08EGamificationURLLink To Game Or Entertainment Site
U08FCancer WarningText,URLCancer Warning Label
U0A1Counterfeit DetectionTextDescribes Features To ID Genuine Products
U0CDNameTextClient Name, Nickname And Alias
U0CEResidence AddressTextResidence Address
U0CFResidence PhonePhoneResidence Phone
U0D0Mobile PhonePhoneClients Mobile Phone, Or Parent Mobile Phone
U0D1EmailAlphanumericEmail Address Of Cliient
U0D2Social Security Number (SSN)NumericClient Social Security Number
U0D3Disaster ID Number AlphanumericAssigned By Disaster Relief Agency
U0D4GenderAlphanumericSelf Defined
U0D5BirthdateDateDate Of Birth
U0D6Medical AlertTextAllergies, Diabetes, Blood Thinner, Other
U0D7MedicationsTextListing Of Rquired Medications
U0D8Emergency Contact 1 NameTextName And Relationship
U0D9Emergency Contact 1 PhonePhoneBest Number
U0DAEmergency Contact 2 NameTextName And Relationship
U0DBEmergency Contact 2 PhonePhoneBest Number
U0DCCitizenshipTextCountry If NOT Permanent Resident
U0DDTemporary LocationTextCurrent Location (needs To be Updated with Move)
U0DEFamily MembersTextList Of People In Family Unit In Disaster Area
U0DFName Of FatherTextIf Client Is Minor, Name Of Father
U0E0Name Of MotherTextIf Client Is Minor, Name Of Mother
U0E1Phone Of FatherPhoneIF Client Is Minor, Phone Of Father
U0E2Phone Of MotherPhoneIF Client Is Minor, Phone Of Mother
U0E3Spouse NameTextSpouuse Or Significant Other
U0E4Spouse PhonePhoneContact Phone Of Spouse Or Significant Other
U0E5Drivers LicenseAlphanumericClient?s Driver?s License
U0E6Installaton InstructionsURLHow To Install The Device
U0E7Asseembly InstructionsText,URLProduct Assembly Instructions
U0E8Operational InstructionsText,URLHow To Use This Device/product
U0E9Consumer SurveyURLLink To Consumer Survey
U0ECSet-up InstructionsURLInstructions To Set Up A Device
U0EESet-up InstallURLDownloads Install Applicaiton
U0EFCompatibility CheckURLValidates Product Compatibility: Offers Alternative
U0F0Spare PartsURLPointer To Spare Parts Catalog
U16DLicensee NameTextLicense name different from User name e.g. corporate
U16ELicensee LocationTextPhysical address or IP address
U171Customer NameTextCustomer name different from User name
U172Customer LocationTextCustomer physical address or IP address
U173Order DateDateProuct or service order date
U174Order ReferenceAlphanumericProduct or service rerference number
W00AWarranty TermsText,URLWarranty Terms: Link To Warranty Agreement
W00BLength of WarrantyNumeric,Date,URLLength Of Warranty From Date Of Purchase
W00CWarranty RegistrationURLClick Here To Register Your Warranty
W00DExtended WarrantyURL,Phone,ChatClick Here For Information About Extended Warranties
W098Date of Product RegistrationDateCaptured Date When Product Is Registered
W099Date of PurchaseDateCaptured Date When Product Purchased
W0C4RMA AuthorizationURLRequest For Product Return Authorization
Z0A0Notice: Location Of ReaderURLIdentification Of Appropriate Readers
Z0BADate Label CreatedDateDate Of Label Creation
Z0BELabel Background ColorAlphanumericDetermines Background Color For Fields
Z0BFField Font ColorAlphanumericDetermines Font Color for Fields
Z0C0About 12N CodesURLWeb Address For Details About 12N Codes
Z0C112N App Format Locator Text,URLIf Label Does Not Display Correctly Click Here:
Z0C2Register Text,URLRegister for contest or similar.
Z106Label IDAlphanumericLabel ID
ZENVEnvironment SettingsAlphanumericSets or changes Language, Currency, and/or Unit system
ZP01Software VendorText
ZP02Software NameText
ZP03Software VersionNumeric